Can Clogged Eavestroughs Cause Ice Dams on Roof

Yes, clogged eavestroughs, commonly known as gutters, can cause ice dams on the roof. The basic function of an eavestrough is to disperse the rainwater off the roofs and to move it away from the soil on which the foundation of the property sits on. Having clogged eavestroughs can prevent efficient draining of the ice water or snow in the winters. Also, incorrect placement can damage eavestroughs. If it is placed too high, it might cause ice to hit the eavestrough repetitively. To prevent this, you need to have the eavestrough placed at such a distance that ice can tumble into the eavestrough.

The main reason why ice dams are formed in the first place is that the roof temperature is higher than the outside temperature causing the ice to melt. The water that pours down then goes over to the roof edge where the temperature is much colder. Clogged eavestroughs can increasingly worsen the issue. When eavestroughs are clogged water cannot drain properly. As the water cannot drain properly, the water starts to gather and eventually starts to freeze resulting in a complete blockage of the eavestrough.

As mentioned before, one of the causes of an ice dam came down to higher temperatures on the roof. It causes the ice to turn into liquid.  Lower temperatures at the roof edge freeze the water. To prevent this, regular upkeep of eavestroughs is needed. eavestroughs are easily one of the most ignored places around the property that need regular upkeep. It is advised that eavestroughs need to be cleaned out at least twice a year. The amount of upkeep can easily increase depending on where the property is located. If the property is in a densely green area where trees tower over residential properties, the homeowners should take precautionary measures to clean out their eavestroughs more often than what is usually recommended.

It might cause unforeseen circumstances in the fall and winter when the eavestroughs get clogged. An issue that many do not think about is the amount of weight the eavestrough can bear at the same time. By having clogged eavestroughs caused by leaves and other debris, it will permit snow to pile up and cause stress to the system. and will collapse.

Cleaning out eavestroughs should be a regular item on the maintenance list.  Even though it might not look like a priority at first, regular cleaning leads to an easy flow of water so it can get dispersed properly. Not doing so might cause other issues in the long run that could have been prevented had the eavestroughs been cleaned out.

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