Gutter Cleaning Tools

Gutter Cleaning Tools

Cleaning out your eavestroughs is essential and can prevent roof damage and water damage. Unfortunately, most people do not maintain the eavestroughs as regularly as they should. It is recommended to clean out your eavestroughs at least once a year, if not even more depending on where the home is located. Cleaning out your eavestroughs can be a very satisfying process. After all, you are cleaning and removing a lot of gunk from the gutter!

Cleaning out your gutters does not have to be hard or over-complicated. In fact, most of the tools that you need for gutter cleaning are already tools that you might even already own! Keeping your gutters clean is essential for preventing a chain reaction that can lead to even more damages. Black mold can grow inside, the foundation on where the property is standing might develop cracks, and it might even lead to pests coming to your home! Therefore, as mentioned before, you must take gutter cleaning seriously!

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Here are tools and additional items you would need for a gutter cleaning session:

  • Extendable ladder
  • Tarp
  • Gutter scoop or garden scoop
  • Gloves
  • Garden hose or power hose depending on the severity

First, lay out the tarp next to where the ladder is planted. This way you can easily scoop out the gunk and drop it on the tarp. To reach the gutter, you will need your extendable ladder, and angle it at 75-degree. Make sure your ladder is firmly planted. Failing to do so, might result in the ladder falling and getting injured.

Once you climbed up, and reach the gutter, you can start scooping with a specialized tool, the garden scooper, or an average garden scoop. The advantage of the gutter scoop is that it can take a lot more gunk than the garden scoop. Do not try to reach far beyond to scoop more gunk. It is much safer to get done and reposition the ladder and the trap.

gutter with leaves
       Many things get stuck in the gutter which blocks the flow of water

If you notice a gap between the fascia and the gutter, you might need to replace the entire gutter. This gap may occur from wear and tear throughout the years and holding the weight of gunk for a long time. If you notice that the gutter is shaky, you have to reinforce it using gutter hangers.

Once the gutter is cleaned out, make sure to clean off loose debris using a garden hose. For extra assurance, use a power hose.

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