How do you prevent ice dams

How Do You Prevent Ice Dams on Roofs?

Ice dams are a regular occurrence in the winter, but did you know that they can be very damaging to the gutters as well? Ice dams simply form on roofs because the temperature on the roof is much warmer than the outside temperature. The snow then melts and travels to the edge of the roof where it is much colder. Eventually, the melted water turns into ice. Ice can tumble into the gutter and block incoming water.

If the gutter is not cleaned, it can lead to a whole chunk of frozen gunk that blocks the gutter drainage system altogether. So how do you prevent ice dams on roofs? There are many solutions and techniques. Some require more involvement than others.

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Most of these suggestions require professionals who have specialized knowledge and equipment to perform these tasks.

  1. The Ice Melting Sock. As strange as it might sound, this method is thought to be effective and requires very little time and money. Basically what the ice melting sock is, is that it is a nylon sock filled with rock salt. The sock is then closed. You place the ice-melting sock near the edge of the roof and lay it flat horizontally. You will need several ice-melting socks and distribute them along the edge. Use 1 sock every 2 to 3 feet. The idea is that water ice will channel through the sock into the gutter.
  2. Another way to prevent ice dams is to rake the snow off the roof after heavy snow. The less snow there is to melt, the fewer chances of having ice dams formed. This process can be very dangerous without the right precautions.
  3. De-icing Roof Heating Cable. This sounds very technical, but the concept is quite simple. These are cables that heat up. There are a lot of them on the market varying in sizes and even functions! There are also self-regulating cables that adjust based on the surrounding temperatures.

In the winter it is very important that you take measures to prevent ice dams. Water can back up and go to the interior of the house. This can eventually lead to mold growing on the walls. Gutters who are in poor shape or that have worn out will collapse under the weight-up water. Preventing ice dams is also a safety precaution because of the icicles that often form alongside ice dams.

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