How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned

Ideally, gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. The reason being so is because all of the buildups need to be removed in order to have a fully functioning gutter. Fall is typically the season where most of the gutters get cleaned out. Depending on the area the property is located, homeowners may need to clean their gutters out more than once a year. The buildup from the fall can slowly harden and create ice dams in the winter. The gunk that is inside the gutters usually consists of leaves, twigs, pebbles, moss, dirt, and other things including man-made objects like balls.

Gutter cleanup avoids a lot of problems later on. If anything that things doing in advance helps, it’s cleaning gutters. A whole bunch of trouble can get taken care of just by simply cleaning them out on a regular basis. When gutters are not cleaned out regularly it can lead to overflowing rainwater. In normal circumstances, rainwater pours down from the roof onto the drip edge and is finally deposited into the gutter where it flows down the downspout.

In cases where the gutters are not regularly cleaned, rainwater has no way to make it to the downspout or even flow close to the downspout hole. This is because all the gunk might have turned into a solid mass. The only way out for the rainwater is the gap between the drip edge and the gutter. In most cases we encounter, the gutter screws are loose because of wear and constant stress creating a gap.

Overflowing can even lead to cracks in the wall and water in the basement. This is because moisture enters the foundation. As this continues for several months, it advances to bigger cracks and even to crevices where water will spill into the basement.

Overflowing will also rot the fascia. The fascia is the front end to where the gutter is attached. Continuous moisture buildup leads to deterioration of the material, and eventually, the fascia will get destroyed. It becomes so brittle that it can easily fall apart just by a light touch alone! It will also result in the appearance of black mold.

Gutters can easily be forgotten among a slew of other things that need regular maintenance. At Gutter Cleaning Toronto we take that out of your hands! You can trust us as we have been in the business for more than a decade! We manually clean your gutters out and make sure your gutters are ready for next season! In addition to cleaning gutters, we also offer gutter guard installation and offer small repairs to make sure your gutters are good to go! For more information contact our customer support specialists!