How To Clean Outside Of Gutters Without a Ladder

Most gutters or eavestroughs are made from aluminum. This was the standard for a very long time. But the future brings great inventions every day and one of them is a replacement for the frustrating and easily stained metal. Metal rusts, and while most eaves have a waterproof electroplated metal over them to protect from rust and stains that layer can wear away very quickly. If your gutters are rusty they need to be replaced. There is no fixing them and they are a danger to your home and family as anyone who tries to go on the roof could get tetanus from the eaves. So it is not just important to keep them functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your home value but to make them safe for contractors who need to go up on your roof. The outside of the eavestrough often gets stained from the constant rain and the fact that rain contains some amount of acid due to pollution. This acidic rain tends to wear down the metal and stain it with what looks like black spots and drips. This can be removed but normally would require a ladder. If you cannot climb a ladder and cannot afford to have your eaves cleaned professionally then you can grab a mop with a long extension pole. This must be able to reach your eaves and must be sturdy and easy enough to handle. If your house is overly tall or more than two stories then you may want to call a professional. The best way to clean the stains from the eaves is with vinegar and water or a paste made from water and cream of tarter. Smear this on the eaves using your extendable mop or sponge and then wait. After about 20 minutes you can hose it all off and you will have your beautiful and sparkling aluminum eaves back.

Clean eaves
This is what your gutter should look like at all times of the year. if the ice becomes a problem you can cover them with tarpaulin for the winter.

While a stained or rusty eavestrough may seem benign but it’s only a few months away from breaking, springs a leak or falling off your roof. If someone on your property were hit with it would be a serious liability situation. Rusty eaves are dangerous and must be replaced for the safety of your community and anyone you plan on having on your property. They will also be incapable of doing their job properly. your attic may experience backwash through the facia vents along the drip edge or may suffer foundation damage from spillover on the other side. Either way, the water flows you will be in trouble. So get to work and fix the eaves as best you can. Replace the areas that are rusty, clear out detritus and any blockage in the eaves or the downspout and make sure your downspout takes the water far away from your foundation and into a trench with gravel that leads to a sewer. This will keep your home warm and safe for years to come. So if you have a severe eaves issue don’t try fixing it yourself. Call a professional and make sure to have your foundation and attic inspected for leaks.